MCCPB is a church that gives God's love away as much as we can, in all the ways that we can!


 As a church that takes caring for our community very seriously, we…

  • Provide weekly groceries for 2,000+ people each month

  • Support long-term survivors of HIV & work to end HIV stigma

  • Host multiple 12-step recovery groups every week

  • Work with Habitat for Humanity to build affordable housing

  • March in solidarity with Florida farm workers in support of fair wages, and protest unjust immigration laws

  • Fought for marriage equality for decades until it finally became federal law

  • Protest against anti-transgender policies

  • Provide a safe space for the LGBTQ community and its allies to worship, serve & celebrate


  • Join Family Promise and other faith communities to transform the lives of homeless families


To learn more about MCCPB visit our website at